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5 Reasons to Choose MKDM

  • Detail oriented, metrics and ROI driven
  • Passionate about our industry and work
  • Proactive, transparent communicators
  • Our work is always honest and "white-hat"
  • Customized pricing by project

MK Digital Marketing's talented team strategizes and executes an online marketing plan that is tailored and optimized specifically to your business objectives. Our success stems from having both the in-house and agency expertise to execute an integrated marketing approach with granular focus on ROI.

We offer the full package by developing responsive SEO optimized websites, generating traffic through PPC, installing analytics for full visibility while further expanding your online presence through social media, retargeting, mobile, content and local marketing. Contact us to see how we can help today!

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Sample Brands We Work With

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SEM PPC Advertising

Internet Marketing Consulting

Benefit : Get feedback on current strategy with an optimization plan specific to your business.

  • Partner with us to become a seamless extension to your marketing team
  • Effective way to discover, test and track new strategies
  • Implement new industry best practices, optimizations, products and betas

Search Engine Marketing (PPC / SEM)

Benefit : Achieve near immediate exposure and ranking for relevant web searches.

  • Users who search have an intent to convert and buy
  • Rank for relevant keywords with measurable and predictable ROI
  • Control who, what, when and where to target your ads
SEM PPC Advertising
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Management

Benefit : Engage with directly with users and extend your brand to targeted and new audiences.

  • Promote your brand, events, products, services and promotions
  • Advertise to any demographic and engage with them directly
  • Referral traffic from Social Media drives significant volume

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Benefit : Rank and drive traffic to your business for keywords and relevant search terms.

  • Perform keyword and competitor analysis to find traffic niche
  • Drive organic (non-pad) search traffic for key searches
  • Utilize online PR to create buzz and content links to the website
Search Engine Optimization
Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design and Development

Benefit : SEO and device optimized websites focusing on conversion and usability.

  • SEO optimized and designed for all computers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Focus on conversion optimization to drive engagement and sales
  • Easy and scalable platform with full analytics for future updates

Local Business Marketing

Benefit : Rank for local search terms like "xyz service in los angeles" and target ads geographically.

  • Capture users searching in your geo-targeted area
  • Create special offers for specific geographies
  • Drive phone calls, leads and sales
Local Search PPC

Internet Marketing Consulting, Strategy, Implementation & Management Services

No matter what stage your business is in, we specialize in creating a strategy, execution and ongoing management of the marketing plan.

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